Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Frozen custard push pop's

Looks like soft serve, tastes, like silk!"
Frozen custard recipes date back to the early 1900s.What is frozen custard you ask?
Frozen custard  is a very thick, creamy frozen dessert that is similar to ice cream but is creamier.

Download  - frozen custard push pops

Thursday, March 13, 2014

St Patrick's day pops

We have two great ideas for push up pops for St Patrick's day and they are :

Mint brownie push up pops 

                                                                 Download here

 Soloness Milk shake ( Guinness and chocolate milk shake) 

Push up pops are great for food as well as liquored as the push up pops don't leek and can be made in advances . Oh yes don't forget you can reuse them.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cupids arrows

Cupid : choices your base and make your cupcakes and ice the cupcake add sprinkles and then places half arrow into middle of cupcake.

Cupids arrow cupcake toppers
1.Cut out the arrow template from the free printable PDF file.  Place the arrow top template on standard white printer paper and cut out two per cupcake topper

2.Sick the glue (cover as much of the paper as you can) to each inside of the arrow topper and place your candy stick onto the center of one side. Place the second piece of arrow topper paper on top and use your fingers to pinch both sides together-adhering them to the stick.

3.Using a pair of scissors, snip cuts at an angle all the way up both sides until it     resembles a feather.  Poke the candy sticks into your cupcakes and you are all set!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Through out the day we'll be posting little tips on cake pop deco ideas and recipes, so keep an eye out on our facebook or twitter pages for updates.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Cool down — and get buzzed — with boozy drinks served in Push up pops

Who said Push up pops are only for kids? Nope you can make adult Push Up Pops to! Summer is here and the swimming suits are out , the pool parties are starting, so why not make it easy for guests to chill out and unwind this summer, with boozy Push Up Pops!

Boozy push up pops are not only flavoursome, refreshing, stylish but fun and easy too.  Oh yes don’t forget you can make your favourite cocktail or drink in them.

The positive thing about boozy pops are :

·         They served in their own  glass , well plastic

·         If the party gets out of hand and guests  drop a pop – the drink will spill but the glass wont break .

·         You can re-use them .

·         You can decorate them as you please.

·         You can prep them before your guests arrive , just prep and place lid on them .

·         The lid acts as a bug trap – yip with the lid on no more bugs by the pool in your drink 

·         These great little containers are the perfect way to dress up your dessert tables, parties, cocktail parties and more!

Now  serve boozy pops at your next function!

So you don’t want to do boozy push up pops , but want to use this new fantastic trend at your next party – well what about  serving cake shooters. Yes you’re read right cake shooters; it’s a fab dessert and everyone likes them.  Put  your cocktail glasses or pudding bowls away and bring out the push up pops.

Over the next few weeks Bake like a chef will be releasing some of our favourite Boozy pops and cake shooter recipes so follow us on twitter and face book to keep updated. As well as keep an eye out on our reciep blog - http://pushpopsarecipes.blogspot.com/

Friday, September 7, 2012

Not to Posh to Push Pop !! There’s a new way to eat Cake !

You would have read all about the new craze to hit the party and baking scene…….

Seen them in magazines…

Maybe even bought the recipe books…..Are you battling to find Push up Pop Containers in SA.

Well search no more! Push up Pops are now sold by Bake like a Chef right here in South Africa.

One of the hottest trends right now in sweet treats is these adorable little push pop containers.

These are plastic cylinder containers with a pushup stick and plastic cover. You can fill them with a wide variety of goodies. You can create a fun and sophisticated treat for both Children and Adults alike. These are easy to incorporate into any theme. One can get creative, fun, colourful and unique.


They make a delightful feature on any children’s party table and the cherry on top is there is no mess as they are sealed containers filled with sweet treats for children. The most common filling is small cupcakes smothered between buttercream icing served individually. They are so easy to use and the good thing is they are reusable.


Want something different to serve your dessert in, yet still be stylish enough for smart occasions..
Why not use these clear plastic push pops as containers, no mess, no fuss and just the right amount of sweet temptation…Decadent Tiramisu in a push up container, Devilish Strawberries and cream or Mouth watering individual Lemon Meringue Tarts.

These containers have taken the market by storm, most foodies are writing about them , Mom sites and blogs are wanting to know, where they can purchase these in SA. Well your nightmares are over.
Go to Bake like a Chef’s online shop or contact us at sales@bakelikeachef.co.za
There are a number of reasons why push up pop containers are great for parties and events:

• They are easy to use and Transport.
• You can reuse the containers.
• They are dishwasher safe.
• You can customize these containers with all sorts of goodies inside
• They are airtight and hygienic.
• They make the perfect take home gifts for children’s parties.
• They turn cupcakes into easy portable treats in an instant.
• Great for School bake sales
• They are portion controlled